29th February 2012

Audio post with 8 notes - Played 10 times

words cannot touch this song

really, even if you dont like metal, at least look up the lyrics

thats why the song is really cool

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14th November 2011


worth listening to if you like metal. not the pussy screamo shit, metal.

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14th November 2011


The Heaviest Matter of The Universe

Lay down fall away
Lie awake
Just cannot move
My arms and legs
I’m paralyzed
Don’t recall how to free
Myself from this
In the heart of the dark
My face contorted
Don’t know how to
Reach the light
But I feel so bad
Like a freak in a cage

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14th November 2011


The band is universally recognized as one of the most talented and extreme art-metal acts on the scene today. GOJIRA are one of those rare bands that come along every couple of years and take everything you know about metal, twist it, reimagine it and come up with something wholly unique. It’s doubtful you’ve heard anything like GOJIRA before. The band makes that much of an impact with its music and approach.
— SoundWave Festival

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14th November 2011

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 Gojira - Love (x)

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14th November 2011


Gojira - BackBone

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14th November 2011


Gojira - Vacuity

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14th November 2011


Gojira - Oroborus

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